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What People Are Saying:

"These films have been great and very well done, I only wish everyone would see them and help to raise awareness of the condition, behaviors, and scientific efforts for curing. Well done HBO and NIH, AlzAssociation, Fidelity, and Geoffrey Beene!"

"I'm an 8th grade student and I'm doing a project on Alzheimer's disease. I have become very interested in this topic and think it's horrible. My project revolves around the past, present, and future of Alzheimer's, and the societal and economic effects on Alzheimer's."

"I watched the caregiver's portion last night. I listened to all the caregivers speak my feelings and thoughts. It was like looking into a mirror... Our family has not reached the hope stage yet. But hope is what I found from this project. Thank you for showing me that it's possible."

"I wish that they could find cure for this awful disease... Maybe in my lifetime they will... Thank you for doing this story because so many people don't understand it..."

"Our government needs to be made aware of those that forgot and not forget them. We need more dollar supplements to keep our loved ones at home with care. Medicare does not cover. It is sad that we can help other nations and not take care of our own. Wake up America!"

"My greatest wish is that the drugs in development get through trials and are approved as soon as possible. To halt the disease while people remember their loved ones, are continent, can still talk, walk and feed themselves will be a gift beyond measure to millions."

"...The lives of those victims who were taken by AD, shall NOT be in vain, as their Legacies and Memory shall live on eternally..."

The Alzheimer's Series Viewers' Comments

HBO: "The Alzheimer's Project"

The Geoffrey Beene Foundation Alzheimer's Initiative is extremely proud to be a marquee sponsor of HBO's pioneering multi-channel, multi-platform "The Alzheimer's Project."

In tribute to the crucial importance of this subject matter, HBO has posted all four segments of the documentary series online, as well as 15 informative supplemental films.


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